Meet Us

The " Meet us " is aimed at consolidating social mediation interventions in urban and experiment innovative ways for the promotion of intercultural dialogue and access to health and social services , with the aim of improving the quality of the living environment of citizens , with particular attention to the immigrant population.
The actions foreseen in the project are related to: accompaniment to living in residential public , conflict mediation , promotion of intercultural dialogue , tutoring social health , Family Learning courses .
The project takes place in the municipalities of Fabriano, Jesi, Ancona , Senigallia and Fano .
The objectives of the project are:
- Improving the co-existence , with particular regard to the relationship condominium and neighborhood , both in the context of public housing and in other contexts with a high concentration of migrants;
- Better integration of non-EU women and overcoming some family situations of isolation ;
- Restore the unity of the offer of services for the individual, especially migrant , improving the ability to orient in the network of health and social services ;
- Acquisition of more skills to improve their ambiante of life and a more careful management of their home and family budgets .

From mid- October 2013 was launched on social mediation activities in the municipalities of Fabriano, Ancona , Jesi, Senigallia , Fano tutoring and social health in the Municipality of Senigallia.